Q: What does Hydrolush do?
A: Hydrolush manufactures vertical hydroponic systems and government
certified hydroponic nutrients. Our vertical GrowTube hydroponics systems are used to grow leafy vegetables and herbs.  We provide sales and installation.

Q: How are you different from other hydroponic methods?
A: We are upright device with the general market of horizontal systems, whether it is a wall, indoor In addition, greenhouse, terrace, open space, on the top floor, as well as fish Wen can be installed, does not occupy space, but also save energy. Source, and ergonomic, standing will be able to grow vegetables and crops.

Q: What is hydroponics that?
A: Hydroponics is a way to grow.

Q: What are the benefits of hydroponics?
A: Yes, to provide water to the plant nutrient solution, water farming way, then the nutrient solution can permeate through the roots
Let's quickly absorbed by plants, the effect of plant growth response soon.

Q: Your system will be expensive?
A: I think not expensive, because our system allows you peace of mind to eat their own vegetables grown without
Toxic, pesticide-free, there are fresh vegetables every day can be employed, without the impact of food security, environmental protection and healthy, so A basic system as long as 2 yuan, do you think it expensive?
: You now have the right to grow vegetables? There are: Species well? Good: I think you're on our products
Products will not be interested, but I will send you information on our products look, if you later need
Our system, we can always serve you.

Q: Your system may use the organic nutrient solution it?
A: Of course you can, but need a little more technical, so if the technology is not very mature, it is recommended to make
With our nutrition, we used a lot of nutrient solution, found the average consumer is not very convenient
To use, so it developed a hydroponic nutrient solution dedicated belong, so our nutrient solution, we
Can guarantee its effect, if it is an organic nutrient solution, the effect rests in your own hands

Q: I am a greenhouse builder, your system suitable for the greenhouse it?
A: Yes

Q organic fertilizer with chemical fertilizers difference in what?
A1: Organic fertilizers subject to an effect of probiotics to be converted into ionic form can be absorbed by plants.
A2: When chemical fertilizers produced in ionic form it is already.
A3: Organic fertilizers need to rely on transformation of bacteria, each manufacturer can not control the process of transformation, it is not
You can determine the stability of quality.
A4: the quality of each batch of chemical fertilizers, the effect is stable, because the ingredients can be controlled.
A5: organic fertilizer depends on bacteria and raw materials, it is difficult to control the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ratio
A6: chemical fertilizers because the chemical composition and stability, nutrient solution offered is also very stable, you can clearly understand the
Containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is.
A7: Organic fertilizers may need other ways to control its pH.
A8: the pH of chemical fertilizers have been adjusted to the most suitable plants from 5.2 to 6.5.

Q I heard that there will be Salt of hydroponics nitrate problem?
A: Each of the circulatory system will encounter, but it is really just a natural ingredient in nature
Already exists, it is the nitrogen compounds, after the plants absorb and utilize amino acids with the protein synthesis of nitric acid Salt
Quality, and Salt nitrate will be left, because the plant has not been complete photosynthesis, and in accordance with EU regulations
Set, Salt nitrate content of the human body can absorb per day is 2,000 ~ 4,000ppm, so, if worried nitrate
Salt excess acid, there are two ways to avoid ..
1: 2 afternoon before harvest vegetables: two days off before eating nutrient solution