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Q: What is hydroponics?
A: Hydroponics is a term used to describe soilless methods that grow plants using water as a nutrient delivery method.

Q: What are the benefits of hydroponics?
A1: Hydroponic systems can efficiently deliver nutrients to the plants. The nutrient solution can be tailored to the exact requirements of the crop.
A2: Hydroponic systems can be run very cleanly and without some of the pollutants found in soil cultivation area.
A3: In a hydroponic system, the nutrients are presented to the plant in a form that is easily absorbed. Nutrient uptake is quicker and growth is faster than soil based systems.

Q: What does Hydrolush Agrotech Co., Ltd. do?
A: Hydrolush manufactures vertical hydroponic systems and government certified hydroponic nutrients. Our vertical GrowTube hydroponics systems are used to grow leafy vegetables and herbs.We
provide sales and installation.

Q: Why HydroLush Agrotech?
A: HydroLush has a complete and well rounded perspective on growing. We believe the most successful crops are grown by complimenting natural plant processes and environments. We also understand that cost is a major driver for successful agriculture production. We are focused on finding balance between the two.

Q: Why are Hydrolush systems different from other hydroponic suppliers?
A: All hydroponic systems have the same basic idea - they use water to supply nutrients to the plants in the system. Our systems are soiless, but we do use coco coir as a grow media. We also believe different types of plants have different requirements for growing. Some plants do extremely well in vertical systems, others do better in horizontal systems and still others are better suited to container or media bed cultivation. We manufacture and install both vertical and horizontal systems depending on the case and location requirements.
Vertical systems can be installed in greenhouses, terraces, open space, on the roof top, and can be used with hydroponic or aquaculture systems. Our systems are space saving and energy efficient.

Q: Are your systems expensive?
A: That depends on your perception of vale. Our hydroponic systems allow you peace of mind to eat own grown, nutritious vegetables that are non-toxic, pesticide-free. You are able to eat fresh vegetables every day without the worry of food security and environmental impact. A basic vertial system costs about 2 NTD per tube per day to operate.

Q: Do HydroLush systems use organic nutrients?
A: You can use organic nutrients, but you need a little more technical skill because organic nutrients require a complete ecosystem to be healthy and active to provide proper balanced nutrition to the plants. If your growing skill is not very mature, it is recommended to our nutrient solution. They are safe and certified. Also, for the average consumer, mixed nutrients are more convenient and more effective. Our formulated special purpose hydroponic nutrient solutions have a guaranteed result. With organic nutrients, the results depend on your skill at choosing, combining and using them and also your growing conditions.

Q: I am a greenhouse builder, is your system suitable for greenhouse installation?
A:Yes, our vertical and horizontal systems can be installed outside, in mesh or glass houses and indoors.

Q: What is the differences, advantages and disadvantages between organic fertilizer and formulated nutrients?
A1: Organic nutrients are require the action of probiotics in the grow media to be converted into ionic forms that can be absorbed by plants. Formulated nutrients are already in an ionic form that can be ickly assimilated by the plants.
A2: Because organic nutrients rely on a transformation process done by bacteria, the results also depend on the ecosystem present in the grow media - the type and health of the bacteria, the growing conditions and the water quality. . The quality and stability of the productions may vary more than with formulated nutrients.
A3: Because the ingredients for formulated nutrients can be meticulously chosen, measured and controlled the quality of each batch of formulated nutrients is very uniform. Formulated nutrients are very stable with a defined shelf life. Organic nutrients are produced through the fermentation of raw materials by bacteria. This process depends on many factors and is sometimes difficult to control. While some professional manufactures can control the end product very well, the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ratio may fluctuate in some products.
A4: Formulated nutients are pH balanced to provide a tank mix that is in the optimal pH range for nutrient uptake by the plants - from 5.2 to 6.5. Organic nutrients may require the user to be more careful about balancing the pH levels.

Q: Do recirculated hydroponic systems have high levels of nitrates?
A: Nitrate is a natural ingredient and nutrient for plants. It is a nitrogen compound that will have residue in the plant if it has not been completed its daily photosynthesis actions. In accordance with EU regulations, daily intake should range between 2,000~4,000ppm.
Nitrate levels drop if plants are harvested later in the day. Also, running fresh water in systems without nitrogen nutrient the day of harvest will also lower nitrate levels.