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營業統一編號: 24558809

2fl-1, No.40, Jihe Rd., Shihlin District, Taipei, 11163

Registration No.: 24558809


 Company Mission



HydroLush brings simple and affordable hydroponics technology to urban consumers - homeowners and commercial growers. Hydroponic gardening does not need to be a complicated, expensive enterprise with indoor grow beds and specialized lighting. We not only want to make gardening accessible to everyone, we want to take the hassle out of it so people with busy urban lifestyles can relax and enjoy gardening while getting the fulfillment that comes from growing your own food.  

Our patented Vertical Hydroponic GrowTube Systems are suited for urban locations and take advantage of local weather and outdoor environmental conditions. Our systems are be installed with eco-friendly coco coir grow media and efficiently use nutrients and additives in sustainable way. Our systems preform well outside in natural light as well as indoors with properly installed artificial light.

HydroLush was incorporated in 2014 in Taipei City, Taiwan as a registered limited liability company. We are committed to improving our technology, protecting the environment and providing friendly, efficient serve to all of our customers. 


 豐沛農業科技有限公司致力於提供一般消費者或專業栽培業者可靠且經濟的水耕(包含魚菜共生)栽培系統。水耕技術不必然是像過去所以為的那樣,是複雜、昂貴且耗能的科技領域,HydroLush 豐沛不僅僅把水耕技術簡化運用在都市家庭園藝中,讓使用者能用最少的資源與時間來輕鬆達到提高糧食自給率的成就感與自己種菜自己吃樂趣,更可以減少糧食運送里程(Food miles)


 我們開發出各種適合都市環境並利用當地天氣及室外環境條件的封閉式(close loop)種植系統,系統使用對環境無害的椰殼纖維栽培介質,以進一步減少農業生產的碳足跡。

 豐沛農業科技限公司HydroLush Agrotech Co,, Ltd.的前身是台灣水耕發展有限公司,2014年於台灣台北市註冊成立,2019年正式與魚菜創造家Aquaponics Innomaker合作並更名為豐沛農業科技有限公司。我們始終不懈地增進自身技術,同時提供顧客更全方位且高效率的服務。


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