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Indoor Systems

hydrolush hydroponics systems indoor 01

Indoor systems, Closed Environment Agriculture Cultivation (CEAC), have the advantage of  being able to create a specific environment for the target crop and to replicate the natural cycles required by that crop in a manipulated way to maximize yield and quality. The design and selection of the environmental control, artificial lighting and nutrient feed core equipment for indoor systems tends to be more suitable for mono-crop cultivation.

hydrolush hydroponics systems indoor 02

After thorough analysis of the characteristics and requirements of the target crop, Hydrolush is able to provide a complete plan including:

  1. A 3D design including layout, core component installation particulars and rendering of the completed CEAC system;
  2. Select or development of a suitable planting technique and cultivation containers for the target crop;
  3. Specify a cultivation medium and nutrient solution formula;
  4. Recommend a suitable light spectrum and luminaire form;
  5. Supply environmental, lighting, water quality monitoring systems;
  6. Install and configure growroom management software - growroomOS;

hydrolush hydroponics systems indoor 03