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Garden Systems

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A Sunny Space Outdoors is a Great Choice for a Hydroponic Garden

Whether it's your own roof or backyard, with a rugged independent bracket, set up a vertical cultivation GrowTube system, and plant some seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, It is so simple to practice farming in the city, not only enough for the whole family to use, but also to the neighborhood community.

Advantages of Hydropnics over Traditional Growing Methods

Hydroponics does not use soil. Instead, plants are fed a water/nutrient mix containing everything needed for growth.
  • Efficient Use of Space -  3 to 8 times the produce Efficient Use of Inputs - Requires less electricity, water and nutrients;
  • Efficient nutrient delivery and root zone aeration;
  • Reduced Labor & Burden - Does not use Soil, Self Watering;
  • Simple to Install;
  • Easy to Move;
  • Durable, Light, Reusable;
  • Reduced Pest Problems;
  • Grow in Eco-friendly Natural Coconut Fiber;
  • Proprietary Design Controls Water Delivery and Drainage;
  • Control Root Zone Moisture - Minimize System Leakage, Root zone remains well drained and aerated even during heavy rains;
  • Can be Installed Outdoors in Direct Natural SunLight or Indoors under Full Spectrum Grow Lighting

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  • White GrowTube exterior is designed to help reflect light - reflecting excess light helps prevent temperature from rising in the GrowTube interior and also spreads light to crops in the back rows.
  • Ergonomic Workflow - no need to endure the pain and strain of bending. Gardeners can stand to tend and maintain the system. People of all ages can participate in horticultural activities, while experiencing the satisfaction of growing their own food without experiencing physical exertion.
  • Improved Climate Adaptability - the vertical planting method increases ventilation inside the GrowTube. Whether it is seasonal heavy rainfall or high temperatures above 35 degrees in summer, system operation and growth of crops remain stable. The GrowTubes can be easily stowed to avoid typhoon and re-hung when the storm passes. Cultivation can be resumed immediately.

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