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Balcony Gardening - adding beauty and production to small spaces

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One of the great advangtages of hydroponic gardening is the ability to grow and crop plants in locations that are not traditionally able to support gardening. Vertical Hydroponic Grow Systems make it possible to achieve high density production in a limited space. For the home Gardener, this means that areas that were too small to be used for growing become feasible garden spots.

For the commercial grower, vertical production not only maximizes the use of space, but also decreases labor and other input costs.

Whether used for hobby gardens, small herb and veggie patches or larger scale agricultural operations or research, vertical grow systems are one of the most efficient systems available.

HydroLush Vertical systems have the added advantage that they do not require top cover to function efficiently. Systems can be installed free standing in an open area.

Major advantages of Vertical Hydroponic Grow Systems over tradition hydroponic systems include:

  • Flexible grow sites - install on balconies, rooftops or any outdoor vertical surface. With a Vertical Hydroponic System places that were once not feasible become useful garden sites.

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  • Ergonomic Workflow - no strain from bending, just stand while tending the garden. Seniors can also become more involved in gardening and get fulfillment from growing their own food without heavy strain and burden;
  • Efficient use of Space - compact towers allow higher production anywhere from 3-8 times more plants per meter with vertical growing;
  • Efficient use of inputs - Less energy and less water (up to 85% savings on water).

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