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Agriculture Cultivation System

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Vertical farm systems can not only increase the yield per unit area, but more importantly, GrowTubes can ensure the maximum growth space and ventilation for the crop without sacrificing operational costs.

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At present, most of the hydroponic farms are cultivated using DWC raft or NFT tube systems. The biggest disadvantage is the a large volume of water required to operate these systems.This not only requires more nutrient solution and electricity, but also more intensive daily management, increased workload and extra transportation.

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In comparison, the water consumption of the vertical cultivation GrowTubes is 3~6L/hr per tube in a recirculating system. This flow can be fine-tuned according to the crop type, growth stage and climatic conditions. The system is gravity fed so the reservior pump operates on set cycles and only needs to lift the nutrient solution from the reservoir tank to the the upper feeder tank. After the feeder tank is refilled, the water flow required for all the cultivation tubes can be uniformly supplied to the root system in the coconut fiber medium through gravity. The system is stable, saves resources, and does not require additional water aeration equipment.


Other Advantages of  HydroLush Cultivation Systems in farm scale production Include:

  • The system can be install in open fields - while a mess house or greenhouse may be more efficient for some crops and conditions, it is possible to install vertical GrowTubes in an open locations without cover;
  • Vertical GrowTube arrays can be suspended at a distance of 3~4 GrowTubes per meter, and the system can be easily disassembled, transported to a new location and quickly erected;
  • Precise and flexible cultivation management options - depending on the crop or market needs, GrowTubes can be transported to another location for targeted treatment, such as foliar fertilization, pruning, pollination, seed harvest; day and night temperature difference to enhance the specific flavor of the crop;
  • Ergonomic workflow - no need to bend to tend the crop. The speed and efficiency of the operation can be increased significantly because the crops and procedures that growers can handle in a unit of time increase.
  • Fewer insects in the soil - crops are cultivated off the ground with sufficient spacing and better ventilation. The reproduction cycle of many pests are disrupted and infestations rarely spread and affect other cultivation GrowTubes.

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