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Fiber Track Planting Method (FTM)

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 There are many different mainstream cultivation methods for hydroponics: deep water culture (DWC), nutrient film technique (NFT), media bed, Aeroponics, etc. Each has its own advantages and limitations. Growers need to adjust their use of each method according to the environment conditions and crop selection.The FTM is similar to a media-controlled method of flood & drain system, but the planting container is changed from deep plant bed to a long fiber stuffed track. The stuffed tracks are easily handled and portable allowing for easy maintenance of the resident plants. The fiber tracks are light weight and require only shallow water to work effectively.

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  • Innovative and simple solution for planting flood and drain hydroponic and aquaponic systems.
  • Improves Flood & Drain System Versatility Solves many traditional raft DWC and NFT system difficulties when dealing with high temperatures and humidity
  • Reduces farmer work load and increases system design and crop choices

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 The fiber tracks are positioned singularly in flood troughs in multiples in a flood table for seeding and grow out. During operation, the flood trough or bed is filled on a timed cycle to a desired depth according to crop type and seeding requirements. The troughs are designed to drain excess solution back to the reservoir when the desired height is reached. Also flood duration and frequency can be adjusted accurately to suit the needs of different crops.

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