HydroLush Vertical Hydroponic GrowTube™ Advantages

HydroLush's Vertical Hydroponic GrowTube™ Technology has several advantages over traditional hydroponic systems.

  • Flexible grow sites - install on balconies, rooftops or any outdoor vertical surface. GrowTube™s light, durable and be easily suspended vertically from overhead racks, fixed to vertical supports such as walls, or joined in a free-standing array.  With a Vertical Hydroponic GrowTube™ System from HydroLush, places that were once not feasible become useful garden sites.

  • Ergonomic Work flow: end the toil injury from of bending - just stand while tending the garden. Seniors can also become more involved in gardening and get fulfillment from growing their own food without heavy strain and burden.

  • Efficient use of Space: compact GrowTube™s allow higher production anywhere from 3-8 times more plants per meter with vertical growing.

  • Efficient use of inputs: Less energy and less water (up to 85% savings on water). Our GrowTube™s feature a concave planting face and splash guards that helps channel water flow and minimize solution leakage. End caps enclose the grow chamber and connect the GrowTube™ to the system plumbing.

  • Better control of root zone temperature, drainage and oxygen levels - enclosed air columns of each side of the grow media allow roots to breath, provide even nutrient exchange and minimize anaerobic areas in the grow media. The enclosed design allows the root zone to remain aerated and functioning efficiently even during excessive rainfall.

  • Our proprietary GrowTube™ design allows insertion of continuous grow media strips - strips slide quickly into the tube and allow you to conveniently change and maintain the grow chamber for general cleaning or a change of crop;

  • Crops: arugula, amaranth, basella, lettuce, spinach, kang kong (water spinach), herbs, flowers, etc.

  • GrowTube™s perform well outside in natural light as well as indoors with properly installed artificial lighting.

  • GrowTube™s can be easily transported with plants intact.

  • GrowTube™s systems are durable, light and easy to maintain - less expensive than any other hydroponic systems.

  • GrowTube™s use natural coconut coir growing media.  It is a naturally evolved grow media that is perfect of many types of crops.  It is readily available, reusable, eco-friendly and creates no waste upon disposal.