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HydroLush Vertical Hydroponic GrowTube Systems help eliminate many of the problems common to horizontal NFT systems

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HydroLush Hydroponic GrowTubes are specially designed for use with vertically installed hydroponic systems. A Vertical Hydroponic GrowTube System also includes: nutrient solution reservoir tanks; a pump for circulating the nutrient solution through the system; and various pipes, hoses, and plumbing fittings. 

The HydroLush Vertical Hydroponic GrowTube Design has several special features not available on competing systems:

  • Proprietary Tube Design Creates a Grow Media Pocket - strips quickly slide into the tube and allow you to conveniently change and maintain the grow chamber duing general cleaning or a change of crop;
  • Enclosed Air Columns on Each Side of the Grow Media - allow roots to breath, provide even nutrient exchange and minimize anaerobic areas in the grow media;
  • Concave Planting Face with Splash Guards - helps direct water flow and minimize nutrient solution leakage;
  • Multiple Mounting Faces - tubes can be suspended vertically from overhead racks, fixed to vertical supports such as walls, or joined in a free-standing array;
  • Removable End Caps and Drainage Fittings - connect the GrowTubes and ensure proper water flow.
  • Double Layer Dual Color Construction – White exterior reflects light and helps dissipate heat; Black interior provides a great habitat for root and bacteria growth.

HydroLush's patented design helps to eliminate many of the problems common to horizontal NFT systems:


  • The GrowTubeFiber Pocket Design with Enclosed Air Columns on Each Side of the Grow Media Allows Roots to Breath, Provides Even Nutrient Exchange and Minimizes Anaerobic Areas in the grow media. Regardless of weather, the enclosed tube with air columns allows the root zone to breathe, exchange nutrients and dissipate heat. This improves growth in hot weather (35 degree C) and during heavy rains (typhoons).

  • A Vertical Flow Path Eliminates the Damming Effects of Root Growth in the GrowTube and allows the nutrient solution to flush any old biological material from the media without restricting nutrient solution flow to other parts of the GrowTube. This prevents anaerobic areas forming in the GrowTube around the root zone of the resident plants.

  • The GrowTube Planting Face Design Minimizes Nutrient Solution Leakage: The planting face is formed concave to the interior of the tube to direct nutrient solution to the internal cavity of the tube. The splash guards on the side of the planting face are raised sufficient height to direct any nutrient solution that escapes from the tube along the exterior length of the tube and back to the drainage plumbing installed at the bottom.

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 The real test is in the garden.HydroLush’s design delivers tangible benefits for the grower:

  • Better control of root zone temperature, drainage and oxygen levels - enclosed air columns of each side of the grow media allow roots to breath, provide even nutrient exchange and minimize anaerobic areas in the grow media. The enclosed design allows the root zone to remain aerated and functioning efficiently even during excessive rainfall.

  • Crops: arugula, amaranth, basella, lettuce, spinach, kang kong (water spinach), herbs, flowers, etc.

  • GrowTubes perform well outside in natural light as well as indoors with properly installed artificial lighting.

  • GrowTubes can be easily transported with plants intact.

  • GrowTubes systems are durable, light and easy to maintain - less expensive than any other hydroponic systems.

  • GrowTubes use natural coconut coir growing media.  It is a naturally evolved grow media that is perfect of many types of crops.  It is readily available, reusable, eco-friendly and creates no waste upon disposal.